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May 26, 2018 · chinese & english safety signs (80545) when your most important concern is safety, make sure everyone is aware of dangers and hazards in your facility. post our bilingual safety signs .
Our bilingual english + chinese safety signs and labels send your safety message in two languages. these us-made signs are available on a wide range of topics with simplified chinese (mandarin) characters commonly used throughout china. choose from osha or ansi headers, parking, fire safety and other styles in a variety of sizes
Imo safety signs / information. imo safety sign are designed to alert crew members on the board ships in case of emergency hazards or evacuations. these imo safety symbols direct the escape route in case of an emergency like a ship wreck or a fire outburst. these safety signs are extensively incorporated in marine, oil and shipping industries.
Many of the road signs, signals and markings in china are similar to those in other countries, but that is where the similarities end. people’s republic of china road traffic safety law has a bias towards reducing collisions and being polite, which actually states that law-abiding citizens should give way politely to those breaking the law and driving impolitely.

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